[SOLD] OpenPPG X4 v3.2 (upgraded) For Sale $2900 - Complete System

Repost: I received a deposit to hold my X4, but after 3 months they went dark. Lowering the price per the deposit I received, their loss your gain!

Open PPG X4 v3.2 (upgraded) For Sale - Complete System - $2900 plus shipping

I’ve got the new SP140 on the way, and figured I should sell this before everyone else does…

I am 230 lbs and fly a Ozone Mojo 4 31m (also available for sale - $1100) and just started flying a Spyder 3 26m. I have foot launched this from over 7000 feet. I fly it regularly (just last weekend) with well over 100 flights. The props are worn and have been repaired several times (recommend buying new props). The netting has been repaired several times as well. As most of you know, the X4 is a great setup to learn how to fly PPG/ePPG.

Here’s my build:https://community.openppg.com/t/the-rebuild-of-batch-3 - I removed the meter as all the info is on the new throttle controller now.

  • Preassembled Version 3.2
  • 6 Bonka 6S LiPo Batteries
    • Well used, averaging 14 minutes on 4 batteries (24 on 6) with landing at 42 Volts
    • I recommend upgrading to 7S batteries
  • Charger – Power H 700AC/DC DUO
  • Apco Split Legs Harness (L/XL) with:
    • Side reserve container
    • Side pocket
    • Airbag
  • Electronics Upgrade Kit (w/new hub and controller)
    • Original electronics still work fine
  • I did the following upgrades (see: The Rebuild of Batch 3)
    • Reinforcing Connectors (for the hoop)
    • Pre-Charge Knob
    • Surface mount XT-150 plugs
    • Harness Strap Standoff
    • Battery Rails
    • Arm Quick Latch
    • 6 Battery Wiring w/ leg battery rails
    • ESC Capacitor Holders
    • Completely re-wired
    • Shortened Battery Leads
  • I have the following spare parts:
    • New ESC
    • New Hoops (without netting)
    • New Prop Motor Mount
    • Stand-offs and screws
    • Old electronics, controller, and hub
    • 3D printed spare parts (just let me know what parts you’d like)

I’m in Southern California.

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Let’s talk!
Will Johnson
360-2 ZERO 7 945 One

For purposes of guesing at shipping cost, what size box do you think you’'d need, and about what would the shipping weight be?

Using my FedEx account I’ve shipped the batteries for about $40. I doubt it will cost more than $100 to ship everything.

Hi JR,
still to sale? Is the charger capable of 230V or only 110V. What do you think about shipping costs to Germany? Especially with the batteries…

Have a nice Pentecost

I’m in santa barbara and interested. give a ring/txt if still avail. thanks. 8058861435

This is now sold.

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