[SOLD] - 2023 SP140 for sale

Brand new; only one 30 minute flight. I’m located in central Virginia but will ship at my cost. I still have the molded foam that everything was shipped in to keep it protected.

Make me an offer!

Why are you selling after 1 flight? Did you not like it or find something that better suits your needs?

I bought it because I’m tired of maintaining the moster 185 (and the exhaust just cracked). I loved most everything about it… great power, fun throttle, quiet, vibration-free, but… I was hoping for a little more flight time. I got just over 30 minutes with my current configuration: 180 pounds, 22m Spyder 3, ~600 ft ASL. I was able to grab a used atom 80, so I plan on mounting that to my current frame and using it.

Understood. I sent you a dm, you can reply here if you didn’t get it.

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It’s been sold!