Smoother Throttle Response

Has anyone successfully made the throttle response smoother/more gradual?
For my v1.0 it’s super touchy/jumpy or overly sensitive.
Was there a software update for that or did anyone do a mechanical modification to help with that?

Which firmware version are you on?
That has been tweaked

Hi Josh, this is Phil, Not sure if there is one. I got used to mine. Make sure you are in Chill mode first. Have you flown your machine with Nick yet?

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Hey Phil! How are you?

Yes I’ve flown my machine with Nick :smile:

So Zach, I just updated my firmware to the latest one, it was on 5.1. I’ll see if that does the trick, sounds like it. Thanks

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Here’s a video OpenPPG SP140 First Flight - YouTube

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Thoughts on the throttle sensitivity since updating?

Haven’t flown after the update yet

Just did my first flight on the 5.6 firmware in chill mode and I do like the slower throttle ramp up for launch. It made the launch feel a lot more controlled and less jerky, as I’m still getting comfortable with so much power even in chill mode.

That being said, one thing that I find tricky with this throttle is “resolution” — there’s probably a better word for it, but basically I feel like the throttle range that I most often use (cruise to 80% of full power) occurs in a very small range of thrust lever displacement. I understand that the response is supposedly linear but I really don’t need so much displacement below cruise power. I’d love to see a mode that starts at zero when the throttle is off, but then quickly ramps up to a cruise power (let’s say 4kW) at about 40-ish% lever displacement and then linearly (linear with thrust, not RPM) increases to full power. As it is, when I’m playing down low, where my finger is makes me feel like I’m nearly at full power (because the lever is like 1/4” from max displacement) even if I’m at 4-5 kW, but then when I go to full throttle, I can actually get 14-18 kW and there really is a lot more power available than it feels like. I’d also like to see the ability to further derate the maximum power to something like 14-ish kW to help with that resolution, since I don’t usually climb at full power so effectively there’s some lever movement that goes unused. I come from an 80cc 2-stroke and that’s really as much power as I need. Having an 80cc mode would help with noise and probably be a little easier on the electronics too. Of course, I can simply use less throttle, but I really like just being able to mash on the throttle for aggressive turns, climbs, and for takeoff.

TL;DR: I’d love to see an 80cc mode with a little faster acceleration than the 5.6 chill mode and a tweaked power curve. I’m sure the goal is to have as few modes as possible for simplicity, but I bet most of us find the mode we like and stick with it so there could be tons of different options.


Can anyone explain what changing the “Fixed Endpoint Adjust” values in the ESC configurator does?

That will be related to the duty cycle of the PWM signal that is sent to the ESC as throttle input.
Normally this would come from an RC radio receiver (originally for driving a servo). I guess you can adjust this if there’s any mismatch to your receiver.

In our case the handle electronics produces the PWM signal. I imagine it’s designed to work with the default setting.

I played around with it doing some powered hang tests hoping to raise the low end and lower the high end. Apparently, raising the lower endpoint just added a low end deadzone and lowering the upper endpoint seemed to increase max power at full throttle (??). Obviously didn’t want the low end deadzone but didn’t really understand what happened with the upper endpoint, so I just returned everything as it was. Was hoping I could tweak the upper and lower end throttle points myself, but looks like that’s in the code of the controller firmware which is way above my skillset.

So I guess that’s enough tinkering with stuff I know nothing about for me, haha

Yeh, that’s probably a good idea to quit now. I hear they just sent a load of bad controllers back to Australia, mine included. You don’t want to be waiting for the next boat!