Smoke system for OpenPPG

I’m jumping the gun here, because I don’t even have my batch 3 unit yet… but has anyone thought about a smoke system for electric PPG? Normal smoke system won’t work obviously, since it injects oil into the hot exhaust of the gas engine.

I’m thinking something like a fog machine used in clubs…

Of course, this would add weight and require power… just spitballing ideas.

I wonder what parachute display teams use?


Skydivers usually use a single-use smoke system duct taped to their shoe.

I wonder if you could use a traditional smoke system but inject the oil onto a battery-powered or butane-powered soldering iron.

Hey glydrfreak, Is that another name for a flare?:woozy_face:

Yes we use flares. Duct tape for sure isn’t far from the truth but when wingsuiting at fast speeds we choose aluminum mounts. All while using flares. On deployment the smoke goes into the chute and burns tiny holes into it:)

Id be interested in reverse engineering an RC smoke system like one of these.

A cheaper open-source version would make a great addon, especially if we could make it compatible with the existing hand throttle controller.

I’ve already been thinking about ways to allow a variety of accessories to be able to just be plug-and-play with future OpenPPG systems. I’ll add this to the list.

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That would be awesome. Maybe an option for a single large smoke trail or 4 smaller trails from each propeller.