Shipping to Canada

Have there been and issues getting the OpenPPG or the batteries shipped into Canada? I’m hopping my Batch4 will be shipping any day and because I live pretty close to the border I have the option of shipping to a receiving address just on the US side and picking it up myself. Would this save any hassles or create some?

You would save on duty if you shipped to US! I’d definitely do that. There was no issue shipping to Edmonton but just costs more.

I shipped to one of those drop locations in Niagara falls NY - CBI - They have large tables, box cutting knifes and big garbage cans to dispose of packaging - it was great. I went across the border stating I was going to a RV place to look as some trailers – and I did – also had breakfast across the road from there. I declared a few small things we picked up for a friend from Walmart that did not warrant any duties. I had brought a large plastic bin with me for my small parts and I was going to state what it was and that I was just planning to go to a friends in the afternoon back in Canada for a BBQ and putting it together if asked.

Perfect. Have the same type of businesses in Sumas WA. I’ve no worries about the duty and will probably tank up while I’m there.

OK today’s the day I bring it home! :smile: :sunny:
Hobby parts for a big @$$ drone it is! Probably will suffer a few hundred CDN in GST though.

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Yesterday I finally brought it home. After explaining to customs it was ‘like a big drone’ I got charged PST/GST ($580CDN) but no duty. Wasn’t counting on the Provincial tax but that’s what we pay for Canadian government support and social services (subsidized health care and college education and infrastructure etc) that we all love so much, I’d have had to pay about the same taxes on a new Kangook or such.

I must say how impressed I am by the quality seeping out of everything in the box. This is the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought that I didn’t have to finance. A huge purchase for me and the first time I’ve even considered purchasing such an expensive item that’s a purely recreational thing. Not only a new item but a relatively newly available product. So far I’m very pleased. My wife is much less impressed. I can’t wait to get home after work and start assembly.

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Where are you located? I’m in Vancouver and would love to have a look at it once completed! Sounds like you’re nearby.