Shipping to Australia --and total size of kit

  1. Do you have any numbers on what it will cost to ship to Australia?

  2. Could i fit a kit in my suitcase and take it over from the States?— 19" by 10" by 26"

  3. Where are you shipping from?


Paul the prospector

To ship here (North East Ohio) to Sydney Australia it looks like its $130 for 3-5 day international priority mail. I wouldn’t recoment puting it in your suitcase lol.

The other problem with here in Australia is that any purchase over $AUD1000 attracts import duty. I found this out when I bought a secondhand Ozone Rush from a guy in California. The Aussie customs held it up for a couple of weeks before they got around to sending me a duty appraisal based on the parcels value. For my OpenPPG kit this’ll put the cost to around $5k :frowning:
Is there still plans to put the design up as an open source @Pdwhite ? Though I’m putting money aside and will probably enter on batch three I’m wondering if it would make sense to buy two or three ‘spares’ parcels instead. A box of motors, a box of hinges and a box of electronics. With the plans available online it would be easy to source and cut the CF parts here and buy all the fixings, props and connectors locally.

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Ya import taxes are no fun, One way of doing it as you said is just ship it in two or three separate packages. The other way is just has the value represented by raw material value and I can mark that under $100. Also im cleaning up the files for public release but if you really need them just shoot me a PM and I can send them to you.

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Hi, could you tell me the dimensions of a box the kit would fit in… I can take 2- 70 pound suitcases when I fly over. Or any checked bag…70 pounds

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Thanks @Pdwhite but I’m ok to wait a bit for the build files. Wife’s got me on a couple of other time consuming projects at the moment. Who knew building a swimming pool was such hard work! Anyway, when the files are posted I’ll take a look. I’m thinking there will be stuff that all hobbyists could build through to bits that very few of us could scratch build. For example ESC’s are presumably bought in and not built in your shed. Will you give us details of the motor manufacturers etc so we could order direct from them (presumably China somewhere)?

@paul_oz good idea to get your wife a pool. This way she’s happy when you go flying!

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Unfortunately @etienne she is also a pilot. It’s more likely she would ‘borrow’ any kit I bought at the moment, strap it to her Firebird and go flying herself. Probably saying something like “well you can’t use this just now because you’re still building the pool”!


What are the dimensions of the box you pack it in for shipment to Australia?

I’m curious to know just how small the package will break down…