Shipping target for batch 6?

Just curious what the ballpark estimate is for shipping on the batch 6 orders?

Any estimate would be very helpful.

End of April is when i expect them to be shipping.

Does the Dudek harness have a reserve pocket? And if not, is there something we can do to get one with that feature?

Soooo. Batch 6 orders are sent to people who bought back in Jan? Or is batch 6 for people like me who are wanting to buy but haven’t been able to yet because they are on back order so to speak? Thanks for your time.


Batch 6 is almost finished with part manufacturing and is already paid for by customers.
We may be a little behind due to COVID-19 but we are still trying to get everything ready by the end of the month.
To your question @Cougar, we do have a few extra that we order for each batch so you may be able to get in batch 6 once all of the pre-orders are shipped out.
Feel free to dm @Pdwhite and he can add you to the list.

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Yes! PM sent to you. Thanks for the update.

Any update for batch-6 ETA?

bump for ETA update on batch 6 shipments?

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Hey fellas, any update? I’m understanding of the delays given the situation, but some communication would be appreciated, especially if we’re looking more at July or Aug. Thanks!

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Batch 6 will start shipping out this week, you will get an email notifying when you order has shipped.


Anyone received their Batch 6 yet? Got any tips and pointers on the build?

Not yet. Could use an escape vehicle so please hurry :slight_smile:

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Just got my tracking numbers \o/


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Also, 2 of my motors did not include spacers or nuts.

It seems like X4 still lists order period for batch 6: is there still order fulfillment?

We are working through the chip shortages with a few components on the x4 controller boards. We hope to get it resolved in the next few weeks

So if I placed a “pre-order” for batch 6 now I would receive it in the next few weeks when the component issues are resolved?

Yes other parts for the X4 are in stock, just needing controller parts.