Selling X4 version 3.2

Selling my X4, moving to the sp140.


X4 version 3.2
4x Bonka 22000mah 7s batteries (about 30-40 charges)
spare hoop
6x new props, 7 used with dents (13 total) plus the four on the x4
4x ISDT Q8 chargers and 4x inverters

This unit has the resistors installed on all four ESC’s, additional amp/volt meter mounted on swing arms, 3d printed rail mount for the batteries, no damage on the unit, flight time was around 20-25 minutes on a Nova ion 5 wing.

Unit is located in Alberta, Canada. I can sell with or without the Dudek harness - size L/XL, prefer to keep it.

Price: 5000US, or $6700 Canadian (without harness).

More Pics.

Are you still selling this?

No it’s sold now

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