Scenic / Flying Sites DB

I’m trying to find an active list of scenic areas around the world for paramotor specific locations.

  1. If there is one, please point me in that direction
  2. if not, would there be interest in a) sharing your location (GPS) and data/images on the site and b)would you use it as a resource for when you plan to travel and fly to different locations?

The goal would be to help the community with good resource scenic and regular flying sites. hopefully become THE resource.

I’d love to know where would be good to fly (scenic) across canada/usa/europe/etc., I could do a few hours of research and figure out where to go, or if I had a resource with the GPS location of where someone flew and a few pictures.

I can probably build the intake form in a few days, and the output so everyone can see over the next month or two.

I’ve been interested in this as well. I’ve found some inactive old sites but nothing other than things in random Facebook groups so far.

Perhaps this could be a good way to “open” PPG more. I’m a full time web engineer so I would be willing to spec everything out with you

Sounds good. How do you want to coordinate this? I will probably just build this through WordPress/gravity Forms/with geo location plugin. will use Google maps to start but if it gets big might have to migrate to OSM.


Would be nice if there was a free wiki style version of paraglidingmap, not just for ppg but for freeflight too.

checkout paragliding map app on IOS/Android.

I know, that’s why I am in favor of a free one.

Hey All,
I would like to bring some clarity to this issue.
After spending almost every winter flying ppg up and down the east coast from Cape Cod to Big Pine Key in Florida for the past 20 plus years, I have learned a few things that I would like to pass along.

Keep your flying sites to yourself!

In the early days pioneering pilots would post on the list servers their discoveries of cool flying spots.
Only to come back the next year and find the site shut down by,
A. The local authorities,
B. The local landowners,
C. Federal and State authorities creating new laws to prevent these activities.

When a ppg pilot or 2 show up and fly with respect there is usually no issue.
However when you post your special spot, like one on the beach in Florida, and some 15- 20 pilots show up in the winter season, it is just to much activity for the local residents.
Example; We used to fly near Marineland in Fl. Pilots heard about the launch site (which is completely shut down now) and would take a winter vacation and fly that site. The 1st thing they would do is go fly over the dolphin tanks. And they would fly over it all day, waving at the people. The dolphins would not come to the surface and put on their normal show.
Result? Shut Down!

I have personally invited pilots to come to my locations in Fl., given them a heads up on where to fly and how to act. Didn’t matter one bit, they would take off and go circle that high rise condo that I told them to stay away from.
Cannot fly there anymore.
I can site a dozen examples of this happening over the years. And the old timers on this site probably have a dozen examples of their own!

I stopped flying with, or letting anyone know of my Secret Spots all the way back in 2002.

Result? I still have some of the best beaches to fly, when I head down this winter.

I have not written this to discourage any of you. This is my real experience !
Go out… Have fun… Don’t grind your flying site into the ground…
Get in the air… Leave the area…When you return to the LZ “LAND” Get out of there and let the locals have their peace and quiet!!!

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you said it perfectly, correctly.!