Sale of SP140 Power System

Hey Guys,
I manage a paramotor school in Dubai and was wondering if the SP140 power system (motor, ESC, Throttle and Battery) Would eventually be able to be bought separately from OpenPPG. I love the system you’ve developed and the SP140 is a great engine for experienced pilots but the frame is a bit on the weaker side for students, so that’s why i’m interested in purchasing the Power System and mounting it on some stronger Volution 3 frames we have lying around to teach students on. @Pdwhite

It can be had without the frame, but because the frame is one of the lowest cost components the cost does not come down that much without it. Also then mounting the battery is weirder and to make it be able to be easily swappable is going to take a lot of modifications to your existing frames. And the Sp140 is designed for a 140cm prop so going to a 130cm prop there will be an efficiency/thrust lost.

Feel free to send me an email with how many units you are wanting to get and I can get you price. Its just that we really had to make the frame much more affordable like around $200 where as other ICE paramotor manufactures are $2000 if you want to get their frames.