Safety question

Cannot wait to acquire my first OpenPPG be that SP140 or V4 but having just watched Scout Geometry knowledge share what are your thoughts about both designs with regard to a full stall landing on your back - i.e the back plate situation please?

You could wear a backprotectorjacket as it is used for skiing - costs you 30 dollar.

Bigger problem at all situations in that interesting video is the firerisk of the bateries
And the problem that you could not get away from it if injured.

the openppg is seen from the back plate like everyone else. i would put a kevlar / carbon protection plate in the back of the harness in addition to the foam. this weighs a maximum of 300 grams and works very well with the dudek harness. if you want to protect your back extra you can use a protection protector from snowboard, ski, motocross etc. as suggested by privatreal. with my own systems that I made of carbon, every e-ppg has a layer of kevlar on the back to prevent if the carbon parts break in a accident , that cannot hurt me. There are various ways to protect the pilot from a battery fire in the event of an accident or crash. I myself use a special resin that makes the battery so stable that you could drive over it with a car. However, the weight of the resin mass weighs almost 2 - 2.2 kg. I did with the 36 Ah batteries. I am currently making housings out of fiberglass panels that have a hybrid fabric made of kevlar and carbon on the outside. the weight is for 3 cases (3 blocks with 5 S each) for 40 ah batteries. only 750 grams (1 case 250 grams). companies like ftr use stainless steel housings that weigh around 1.5 kg and are also extremely stable. other companies use housings made of heat-resistant fiberglass that weigh about 1.2 kg. otherwise there are special injection molded plastic housings with a high glass fiber content that also weigh about 1.5 to 2 kg and are almost indestructible. there are many variants and many more are currently being developed. I have many pictures on my computer from diy people from all over the world who are currently building great designs. of course not only for eppg but also for e-foilboards and e-motocross. maximum protection of the battery is also important there during operation and also during Transport. If you build so safely that you would pass an official UN 38.3 test, you do everything correctly and don’t need to be afraid to fly even at an altitude of 2000 meters.