Sacha Dench electric paramotor circumnavigation of the UK

More info/vlogs on the Conservation Without Borders channel:


I’ve been following this on you tube.
Cool stuff. Amazing that you can essentially plan to just land in some random field.

Unfortunately, very, very sad news.

Very sad indeed. Crash? “Fell from the sky”. I do hope better reporting comes in due time. My condolences to the families and the British paramotor community. Very sad.

Thanks for the link to the full article. The single sentence above was misleading about who actually died. Turns out it was not Sacha Dench, but her colleague Dan Burton, who died. Sacha is in hospital with serious injuries, however. I imagine it will be some time before an accurate description of how the accident was caused becomes available. Regrettably, media reportage of aviation accidents is notoriously unreliable.

Yes, very sad indeed. Just watched an interview with her on the fully charged.
And we will most likely find out later it was some very stupid mistake - how else do 2 relatively slow moving paramotorist collide!

How indeed? Wingtip touch gone wrong? Really shouldn’t speculate but it’s hard not to.

I think speculation can be good – we can sit here and guess what we should not do. Like you said, wing tip touch gone wrong. A gust of side wind blows one into the other, even though we are speculating, it makes me think that that is one more reason I would not attempt a such a formation.

Here in Canada, the point of a incident investigation is not to point blame but to gather information in the hopes of prevention of another of the same kind.


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An update about this sad accident but still not really any details about the incident to learn from. “An inquest into Dan’s death is still pending”.