S140 Opensource BOM and Design?

Maybe I missed it, but is there a file repository for the S140? Has anyone built an S140 from scratch? or is it the ready-to-fly unit only?

I found the software repository on github. The last update to the mechanical section was 3 years ago though.


You looking for the frame files? Most dont find it worth to weld the frame and CNC the parts but i can send you the files if you want. The GitHub does need to be updated though.

Paul, Yeah that would be great to check out the files if you are okay posting them. I know lots of opensource hardware projects start off opensource but gravitate back to proprietary because of economies of scale and the leaders putting in all the actual design work. Just the nature of the beast. Not an issue if that’s the case, just curious where the project is at. Thanks!

Ya we send out files and stuff to people that ask, I just need to go through and clean up file and organize for the GitHub, right now would be to much confusion if posted how stuff is right now. It is on the to do list.

Cool, Sounds good!

I’m also interested in gaining access to step, iges, or most any format of 3D files, specifically for the frame. I’m a mechanical engineer and have some ideas around reinforcing the spars connecting posts on the frame. Just this morning a took a nose-dive on takeoff which resulted in the cage contacting the prop. No real damage done but quite a few spar connection posts on the frame were bent. One of the holes in frame bottom, where the lower ends of the cage press in, was moved and the hole ovaled a bit. I was surprised by how easily those spar posts can be bent, though it did make it nice for bending back. My guess is that those AL spar posts won’t hold up to too many tweaks before they break.

How should I go about getting those files?

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Files not clean up or up to date but this is pretty close.

Frame v1.1 batch full assembly.step (1.4 MB)

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thank you. Very much appreciated