Rotor count vs. noise / efficiency

The tech is one side of the coin – regulating the flying/airspace will be the other and more complicated

But we also have the tech to fairly easily safeguard that… particularly in more remote airspaces. (As paragliders don’t fly over populations anyway) I would imagine any air cab would need to be computer controlled, and they would fly within narrowly specified ‘lanes’… it would be far easier for the government to implement those restrictions on the up-coming new tech industry than to tell Americans that one of their inalienable rights which has been ardently defended, even by non-pilots, is no longer a right.
Eventually the population will get large enough that things will change… or we’ll solve the population issue… but I’m not worried about paraglider regs atm… they gotta keep it easy for us due to the lack of entry requirements, and we have apps now that can do just that.