Revolt 0.1 (build)


This is the topic that describe the actual state of Revolt 0.1.

Many contents are old or photos taken during construction without any purpose to show specifically how it is done. I will however try to clearly integrate the drawings and I will be happy to answer any questions here on the forum.


But first, a short story
During the Kickstarter campaign, some investors came forward, including a paramotor pilot and sports fan.
He would have put all the money we asked in exchange for company shares.
I was fine because for me, the only reason to go in the market with the product is to have a budget to spend each year for research and development. This is what I only care.
So we canceled the campaign a few days from the end.
Later in the meetings with this investor we found a great divergence, he wanted to sell it only with “original" batteries, we would have to make a warehouse on every continent and the cost to the public would have reached $ 10,000.
Very far from my original idea to create a means for everyone and also involve the paragliding pilots who don’t approach the world of paramotors because they are scared because cost and maintenance.

So I turned down the investor’s money. This happened more than a year ago.

In the meantime, through the form of relauch I have reach more than 150 people who would like to buy it, I’m quite sure to reach the goal when/if relaunch the campaign. And many guys engineers want to help the develop for free!
So I’m more and more thinking about converting the whole project into open source and open hardware. Creating an online community where anyone finds the tools and instructions on how to build one.
Even this road is still difficult to undertake, I have to design a different frame design because the original design is owned by Yooda and also I have to write all the documentation that for now is only in my head, translate it in a simple way and give it with images and schemes. I’m a bit worried about someone messing up …with flight stuffs and with lithium polymer batteries you can not joke. I think that if something goes wrong and someone crash, people will probably stay away from the electric flight for another 10 years. So it’s a big responsibility.
The biggest budget when I started the Kickstarter campaign was to develop a software that can manage if something is wrong during the flight and limit/kill the power on some motors. (Example: preventing riser twist that with 3 motors on 4 can occur very quickly according to my tests )
Or if internal resistance even on a single cell is higher than normal, sure advice the pilot, but maybe limit the power.
Same thing for temperatures, rpm etc…

But today is a great day because I saw Paul’s prototype on YouTube, we start talking on skype and he has already set up a community called “OpenPPG”

This made my day great. Now I will finally have the right place to publish and discuss the new generation of electric paramotors.

Today I don’t have plan to earn from this, I would like only to bring the new electric model on this planet and have a “revenge" on all people who threw shit on the electric paramotor. I can not wait for see anyone build a 10x better vehicle and fly on their heads :slight_smile:

I will add as soon as possible the posts with the details of each component except for the frame as the original design is owned by Yooda. And also because Paul did an extraordinary job!


BATTERY BOX (post in progress)
The battery box is certainly not nice to see, for the prototype has always done its duty. Everything starts from the battery box to understand how the rest of the paramotor works. It weighs more than 16 kg with 3000Wh batteries.

-Pvc Tube 0.5x € 20 example
-Balance leads 8x € 10 example
-XT90 connector 8x € 15 example
-Dsub connector 2x € 2 example
-Plywood 5mm 2x € 3
-AL profile 1.3mt € 5 example
-Nylon webbing 1mt € 2 example
-Anti spark 8 pairs € 30 example
-Temp sensors 8x € 4 example

Basic idea was find something cheap with the dimension of the batteries

Drill holes for the connector (about the connector I will write a separate post)

Battery box before black wrap

Fix the alu profile on the wood sheet and match similar voltages

Solder and connect everything, fix the LM35 sensors on every pack

Put everything inside the pvc Tube

To be printed and kept in front of the eyes for all the assembly

D-sub detail

>>>Notes for the next version<<<

  • At two years of use I would prefer to put 4 connectors instead of 2.
  • And I would probably separate in 2 or 4 battery boxes to make transport easier.
  • The PVC tube weighs almost 800g !!!
  • Use the pack’s original xt90 for the power and find a way to avoid the spark


Thanks for the clarification on the Revolt status. You definitely nailed it with what you said about the safety and people being scared about electric if there is an indecent. So nailing safety on the first kits and designs is super important but I definitely think its doable with a community helping. Thanks for sharing and being willing to take your hard work and share it with the community.


Hello Glauco,
I think it’s truly awesome that you’re here, and that you are joining forces with Paul.
When you launched your kickstarter campaign back in autumn of 2016, I had no flying experience or even a license at that time, but I had already signed up for training (which happened in March and April 2017), but I still followed your project very closely.

Today do freeflying in the Alps (and since you’re italian, let me mention that I will be in Bassano del Grappa in May this year!) and I do Paramotoring with a 2 stroke engine back home (in northern Germany).

I just can’t wait to get my hands on such a unit, I am ready to buy a kit or even build my own based on your plans (even though my electronic skills are limited, with plans I can achieve it).

I already emailed Paul that as a business owner in Germany I have acces (or should I say I own) a CNC mill and a logistics facility.
So if you guys have any idea of how I can be of help, just let me know!


Thanks Glauco!
We are really excited to be working with you and Revolt.

You’ve already done a great amount of work experimenting and solving issues so it will be awesome combining forces.


Thank you guys! We are revolutionizing the paramotor world!
Unfortunately, sometimes my real job don’t give to me much time but I’m going to build a new paramotor for April, this time I’ll document everything and share on the forum the build!


Thrilled that you guys are collaborating! This is going to be awesome. Wanted to buy a Revolt, and I’m a huge fan of open source, so it’s great to have the best of both worlds here!


hello guys, the link below shows a powered hang glider project, the e-help, there you can see how issues like overheating, fire and toxic fumes are treated.