Reset button on latest white PS140 throttle controller PCB

During Batch 3 V1.1 of the SP140, the PCB of the throttle controller changed due to shortage of certain components. On the original black PCB there was a reset button. Does anybody know where the reset button went to on the white PCB?

We have an issue that the screen goes black and we don’t get any action when we unplug throttle, battery, etc… and plug it in again. Also no beeping in safe mode. We hoped to bring it alive by pressing this reset button.

By the way, we managed then to upgrade from firmware 5.4R to 5.6R and all works again, but don’t know yet how long that will stay stable. Also did we have to run the update twice (exactly like on the video), but after the first copy of the firmware the controller didn’t react. Second time it went ok.

Button is not fitted but there is the place for it…

IMO it wouldn’t do anything that unplugging and plugging it in won’t solve.

@evan correctly identified the change in the reset button. The buttons are mostly for initial development and due to shortages they weren’t included in the final production run.

We had to change the layout and in fact added a spot for a new button (S1) that is used to bypass the flash chip since the RP2040 relies exclusively on external storage. Shorting S1 will ensure it boots directly into bootloader mode on boot up.

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