Repurposed X4 batteries

Instead of recycling my former electric Paramotor batteries seen on the right side of the photo, I repurposed them. Purchased an inverter, swapped the XT150 connectors by Anderson models (safer to handle). Now I have 4 back-up batteries which can power all my electronics for hours in case of an emergency.
If a forecast announces crappy weather heading my way with possible outages, I can quickly charge the 4 batteries and be ready.
As a test, I connected a LED light to the inverted after tuning all my office lights off. It took about 9 hours for one battery alone to reach the storage voltage level before I turned the inverter off. So, 9 hours x 4 batteries should give me well over 30 hours of juice to keep my computers, internet and phones, lighting going.
I also have two 1/2 hour SP140 batteries and those will last forever before reaching storage level😆
Inverters are great! Peace of mind level went up!
All I need to do now is to install solar panels on the roof and I will be able to recharge all the batteries to power all my electronics for free!


Good to see a man handy witha soldering iron these days! Tell me do you want to see one of your 1/2hr (2kw) Sp-140 batteries?

Let me know thx martin

Hi Martin, not sure understand your question, sorry.

Sorry the auto type spelling must of kicked in.

I meant do you want to sell one of your 1/2 hour sp-140 batts?

No, because I use them both regularly, sorry.