Remote control for paragliders

Found a cool video on youtube:

Imagine to fly up to a remote hill with skis and the open ppg as private lift.
Then send it back down the hill via remotecontrol and ski down an untouched powder hill without the need to climb it up.

Like private helicopter skiing.

Think the weight of the open ppg and 6 bateries could be right ok in winterair with no thermic.

Maybe it would even be possible to power the remotecontrolled wing and use the throttle via a servo too…

I think it could possibly work…

It would be a gigantic unmanned drone…

Fun to think about.

the brand bgd-paragliders posted a video on youtube a few years ago with a paraglider and rc in the harness in the alps. worked great. In 2012 I bought a 18 m2 wing for myself privately. the wing was specially designed for remote controlled flights with pg. a university has carried out tests over several years. I bought a used wing like this, in safety Color " lightning pink ". i wanted to make a fun project with an electric motor and rc. In 2013 it was so that the governments became very strict in many countries around the world. I then did not do it anymore because I would have invested against the limit of 25 kg for rc aircraft. in aviation. you could get a permit. this is very complex and limited to a small corridor. I get it. one imagines a rescue helicopter would crash because an rc paraglider in xxxl would get out of control in thermals or heavy lift in bad weather… the big problem today is that many people can no longer think properly. do it with rc paraglider acro and fold it down … people see that and believe it is a real ppg with a person and calls the rescue. that has happened a lot. therefore, many in europe no longer fly with smoke systems, or do acro near cities. it is very difficult … therefore it is important that notams are registered at meetings and events to prevent rescue people from having to make senseless missions. often it is volunteers who sacrifice their time for free. in the past, many things were easier. but there were also more accidents.