Reliability of delivery (SP140 Batch3)

Dear OpenPPG Team,

this could be a personal message right to you, but maybe some other guys are interested in the answer, too.

I’ve got the following situation:
I’m going to do my PPG License in April '22.
For the environment and for mine and everyones ears I really want to have an E-PPG.
Now I read that the Batch3 is supposed to be shipped in March '22.
I also read that the last time the date of delivery had a big delay.

Now I’m not sure If I should order the SP140 Batch3 and trust the delivery date, to immediately start flying when having the license, or if I buy an combustion engine first and maybe change to E later.

So my question is:
How stable is the delivery/shipping date of March '22?
What does it depend on?

Thanks in advance!



It is obvious that they are dependent on their suppliers – Those suppliers are dependent on their parts suppliers – vicious supply chain.
In the end – plan for delays - "this is the way":rofl:

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So kind of hard to answer the “stability of the expected March delivery” but i would say a 80% chance of shipping in March. As far as what it depends on, shipping time for some parts batch 1 for the Sp140 took 3 months instead of the scheduled 1.5 months. So some of it is out of our hands but i would like to think we are getting better at building in the “planning for delays” into the time frame we give.

So in reality from manufacturing to delivery it should take just over 3 months but bases on our experience seems like there could be be over a month of accumulative delays. Some stuff is better now like the shipping (was really bad the last two batches)

As far as getting getting a gas motor, like if you can afford two motors that would be really nice, and get the the one great part of gas (long flight time) then I would say do that. Then when you change to the electric unit it you can appreciate the features of it even more.

I would wait if i were your but if you must fly now then i would just look for a good deal on a used gas unit if you cant stand the wait.

Pd White, are there any changes on the unit for batch 3 such as 4680 battery or longer flying time?

Batch 3 will not have 4680 cell, will have few cool improvements, will update on them latter. Same 2170 cell.

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