Registering SP140 in Canada

So I’m ready to register my SP140 in Canada. I have gone through registration with the x4, but this one is different, the x4 was a home built.

Has anyone registered their sp140 in Canada here?

What did you put for the builder, yourself or OpenPPG?

There is no serial number on mine so do you make one up?

Is there a MTOW (max take off weight) for this unit or do we make that up as well?


I have my registration for my SP140. The builder is OpenPPG, not yourself.
As a serial number, since they don’t provide one with the unit, you can create your own, that’s what I did. You should check first if it is already in use with this TC search engine

Max take off weight is an information you can find on your wing, it’s not about the unit.
Let me know if you need more info, I can go in more details if needed.

This is a great help Hugues! Thanks for clarifying my questions I had.

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Hi Darryl,
Thanks for bringing this up. Can you help with info on what needs to be done for registration in Canada? Paperwork, where to apply, costs etc ?

Hey, I’m submitting mine today to TC.

Start by going here, pay a $110 registration fee.

Then fill out the form from this website, include copy of your payment for registration, copy of passport, picture of data plate on your sp140. I bought data plate from aircraft spruce and just used label maker with clear tape to put the info on the data plate. Will get it engraved later. Finally mail it all to TC, mailing address is on the application form. You can also buy registration marks, or if you don’t TC will make them up for you

It’s deemed a basic ultralight, I used 130kg max payload as that is my gliders max weight, I added my own item when it asked about landing gear and just wrote foot launch. I made up a serial number.

was pretty easy to register. be prepared to pay taxes on it. got a bill 6 months after I registered mine.

Who billed you? Transport canada? For what? How much?

Unless you can prove that it was built from “locally sourced parts” (ie. you paid tax at the purchase source), they will bill you HST on your bill of sales. Comes from Revenue Canada.

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The endless taxes and fees that never end in canada. At least it’s not a luxury tax of 10% like they have on aircraft sales now. Thanks for info.


Well, at least you only pay the 5%. I get to enjoy the full 13%.

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