Recommendation for Altimeter watch

Does anyone have a good suggestion - would like to keep it around 100$
Cheers, Patrick

I’d recommend using XC Soar or similar on a mobile device. If you’re using a good device you’ll have a decent built in barometer or you can add a Bluetooth baro/Vario. As a bonus you get full flight logs, distances, etc.

If you have an iPhone just download flyskyhy. It’s a vario app made for soaring but I use it to log the details of all my flights. It’s more sensitive with an external vario but if all you want is altitude it will work fine without. It uses GPS maps to know where the ground is as well. Here’s a graph of my last flight:

I flew 1800 ft up the mountain but was never that high above the ground. The lift by the mountain sustained my flight a bit.

It also saves a map of your flight path and many other details.

Also, anyone looking for a super sensitive vario for a good price my son @glydrfreak has been designing, programming, building, and selling them. It is compatible with flyskyhy for iPhone users and he wrote his own app for Android.

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I’ve also been thinking about designing a GPS altimeter watch specifically for paramotoring. Something affordable, hopefully under $100. However, school is getting in my way at the moment.

Though I can say, Flyskyhy is a very nicely written iPhone application, and is worth every dollar. I use it every time I fly.

I’d want ground speed in the watch too if that’s possible.

As someone still training at this time I kinda just wanted to be able to turn my wrist and see my altitude. I will into the orbital satiable tracking with cell phone later.
Cheers. Patrick

There are no baro watches im aware of that are designed with flying in mind. Typically they’re used for hiking and heavily low pass filtered, because a hiker can’t change alitude very quickly. A leg arm band will cost a ton less, and give you a full dashboard including ground speed, which can be really useful when landing to determine wind direction if you don’t have a sock.

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Makes a lot of sense
Cheers. Patrick

I’ve been using a Suunto Vector altimeter watch for about ten years. Easy to set, easy to read during flight, large numbers, rugged. There’s a lightly used one one EBay now for just $31.

I have used the Ascent Vario for many years and have both versions V1 and H2. Both have been really great and are made for paraglider / paramotor / hang glider pilots. Not the cheapest route to go but you can sometimes find them on ebay. What is really nice about these is you can strap them to your wrist, risers, flight deck, really anywhere you want. Large lettering, log features for tracking your flight data, sound altitude indicator, GPS and more.

Check them out: