Recharging my SP😁

Paul needs to offer an optional standard car electric charger connector for the SP
We have two charging stations literally 10’ away from the beach where the local Motor-Heads fly each week
It reads ELECTRIC CHARGING VEHICLES,… I guess the SP should qualify as such😄


It already exists :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just be sure to use the SP140 charger that’s compatible with 220v

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Thanks Zach!:grin: …and I thought I was joking​:crazy_face:

Beware that that many EV charge stations are time based – not KW based.

Hey Patrick,
Not gonna use it anyway😄 It was only a thought.

I just take my charger with me. The park pavilion next to where I fly has several 120V outlets for the public to use…so, I just use them for “Flying” EV charging.:rofl:

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