Received the first pre-built unit yesterday!


Fantastic work Paul and Zach! We had a crowd around it last night (end of video):

Everyone wants one :slight_smile: The next three days it will be with me and a team of pilots who are performing at the Chester County Balloon Festival (an audience of 25,000 people). We still need to hang check it and get some velcro for the batteries, straps for the harness, etc., but you can expect lots of hard core testing, video, and feedback from me and the PAPPG crew over the coming weeks.


Thanks Nick!
We’re excited to see what you and the thinks.

PS. Don’t hesitate to send suggestions our way


The OpenPPG was the center of attention at the show today. Everyone was drawn to it immediately.

Now that that’s done, our entire group is waiting in line to fly it :slight_smile: