Rear Wire Access Panel

How compromised would the structure be if i cut a wiring access hatch in the rear mid body panel? Hinge at the bottom - some aluminum strips (red) under side added to re-secure some how. Any thoughts?

Should be fine to cut holes there, very little compromise.

I think you want the diagonal support to keep the arms rigid:

I get what your saying - very hard to keep that with the holes there and then that only gets me 4 smaller sections to work in

I think one bigger hole is better with minimal compromise per PW, but thx for chiming in, always appreciated.

I gotta agree with @GliderPilot. I wouldn’t cut the opening as proposed. That back plate X pattern as drawn is a pretty critical tension support. All your thrust from the arms goes thru those Blue lines. Trust me, I get the desire to have an access panel, but be sure to find a way to keep support across that X

I was basically saying not to cut it at all because you need the webbing where the blue lines are.

I could add other means of support
Possibly leaving the cutout out, and adding a piece of plexi over it screwing into corners

Or I was planning on these boxes for my batteries and use their structure to shore up the lost integrity?

@E-pusher I understand your desire to have a “maintenance flap”
but why complicate things?

If you’ve wired up everything correctly, you will most likely never have to open this up again.
and if you do have to access it anyways for whatever reason, it will just take you a few minutes to undo ALL the screws and just take the whole plate off.

This is the KISS principle!

Keep It Stupid (and) Simple