Rad Bike Batteries

Has anyone given thought to whether Rad Power Bike batteries could be functional on an X4?

I’ve looked at ebike batteries. Generally they come in a heavy case which would be awkward and unnecessary for ePPG. Typically the are 500-700Wh which means you’d need at least six of them in parallel. You might need at least 8 in parallel to get enough amps - 250-280 continuous. At over 7lbs and $500 per battery that’s about 60lbs and $3200 ($4800 CAD) for your pack. Bonkas are cheaper, lighter, and more powerful.

As yet I have not seen a LiFe pack on the market that would fit the x4 well. A custom built one seems the only way for now.

5-7 times the energy of a Tesla model S battery and only 7lbs. Sounds like the tech of the future!:joy:

I have not seen an E-ppg powered off LiFe batteries within the past 8 years. Their gravimetric energy density is really low and they sag under high current.

aackkk! I meant 500-700 Watt Hours not kWhs! Edited. Thank you!

Li-Ion. Still…getting the power and energy density is a challenge for ePPG.

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No worries, I have made MUCH bigger mistakes on this forum as many people here can attest too.

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Thank you for all that insight!
My next questions… having just got my 4X bonkos (7s series) is to what the best charger is for them?