Quick-Release Prop Hub

Quick-Release Prop Hub is now done testing and will be available to ship in January. It works on all existing SP140 with out any modifications or plates needed. Let me know if you guys have any questions and here is the link to pic one up Quick-Release Prop Hub


Wow that looks like a great time saver.
I’m surprised its just pins and hand tightened, compared to the normal high strength torque spec’d bolts.

Why is it that this prop hub doesn’t need to be torqued down?

The prop spins counter clock wise so the knob won’t have a tendency to unscrew. Part of the reason for torquing the screws is to prevent them from getting too tight and crushing the prop. You wouldn’t be able to crush the prop if you turn the knob by hand. The design is similar to other quick release prop hubs which have proven themselves over time.

awesome, thanks!
Ordered it today