Quick Release Motor Jettison

Does this unit have a quick release motor jettison like what is on the Fresh Breeze, or can it be incorporated into future versions?

Snippet from one of their websites:
Fresh Breeze units feature a soft J-bar suspension system. There is also a confort bar suspension available for a lower hook in feel.

This feature is paramount! It is a quick release that allows an emergency motor jettison feature (in compliance with german ultralight safety requirements) for even more enhanced security in flight. If there ever was a time where your motor caught on fire, you can simply pull two pins, then slide the motor pack off your back and let it go. The chance are slim that this would ever happen, but Fresh Breeze is the only motors on the market that offer this degree of safety. It’s like having a reserve parachute (which is a good idea as well!), you give yourself another option for survival in aviation.

Requirements as such for an electric are very different than with internal combustion.

The likelihood of an actual motor catching fire is very slim. However, the probability of the electrical system that supplies power from the battery, to the ESC’s, is relatively high.

As you may have seen in some of the electric PPG video around, there are some who have had some melt downs of the supply wiring. In every case thus far, it is due to a severe lack of understanding of electrical power delivery, and shoddy workmanship.

The issue can be significantly reduced with proper wiring practices.

In the case of an electric , a battery disconnect and jettison is by far more of a concern than motor jettison. The battery disconnect must be close to the batteries to eliminate any wire runs from the circuit.

I do not see this being a major issue as long a proper wiring practices are observed.

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