Quick release for propeller from Iris Paramotor fits

I ordered the quick release propeller hub from Iris-paramotor. Happy to confirm, the Air Conception version (not the Vittorazi version) fits perfectly. Took less than 5 minutes to install. Genius.


I’m planning on breaking down my SP140 for transportation when I get it (some day) and this was going be one of the first mods I was going to add. Good to know it works! Any change in vibration with the quick release hub?

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Do you think this alternative would fit?

I’m not sure what all the specifications mean :3

I haven’t notice any change in vibration. Love it. Well made and seems solid. Now I remove my prop every time for transport rather than strapping it in place.

Just ordered another quick release for my Vitorazzi

Thanks iris-paramotor.com

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I don’t know. If you get one let us know.

Thank you for sharing about the quick release. I wanted to jump in personally and answer the vibration question.

The Iris Paramotor quick release has a counter balancing weight so the assembly is balanced. Even if it was not counter-balanced there would be virtually no notable vibration since the imbalance is so close to the center of rotation.

Here’s a discount code for 10% off just for this post/forum (it will be available until November 15):

Thanks for again for spreading the love.

-Dmitri (Owner - Iris Paramotor, LLC)


I love my Iris quick release! Highly recommended!

How tight should this be done up and what is a good way to gage it?

I found that if I tighten it hand tight with the cam closed and use the cam handle as a lever that it gets so tight that it’s difficult to open the cam. So I can get it just as tight by twisting as I can using the cam as intended. I remove it using the cam as intended.