Quick battery swap

just found this video,
not too bad for a battery fixture option that can quickly be swapped for a new battery:
(watch starting at 3:19)


Nice tray
They dont show how they keep the batts on the removable tray? Wont take much to keep there - they will be flying level all the time.


there are these two knobs, did you not see them? the knobs are used to push pins into the plate.
Pins plus dovetail slide-ins hold everything in place, the pins prevent the plate to slide of the dovetail rail.

Yes I saw the knobs - those knobs lock the plate the batteries are on – but how do the batteries stay on that plate? Velcro?

I was wondering same thing. Velcro works for this hex because batteries are sitting parralel to earth.

It seems the batteries are taped semi-permanently to the tray. Looks like fiber reinforced tape around each brick and through slots in the tray.

I’m thinking about buying this on Amazon for my batteries:

Pieces of the T-bar would be zip tied to each each end of each Bonka. The track would be screwed or riveted to the back plate of the motor (two vertical tracks).

I was thinking about doing this for my li ion pack too

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I see how he pieces would slide together but don see how you zip tie Tbar to Bats. I think it is getting to complicated when you are attaching things to bat to then attach them to the motor.
I was thinking the right size C channel would allow batteries(with nothing attached to them) could slide into the channel with the opening allowing the cable to stay out for attachment.

Like this… not complicated at all:

Much quicker and stronger and cleaner than Velcro like I was using before.

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I decided to 3D print the track instead of using aluminum. I also 3D printed some Xt-150 connector holders:


Yes very neat and tidy.
Are you putting you Bats in 2’s or 4’s I see it is big enough to hold 4 but wondering if your bundling them in 2 or 4.

Power Connectors?

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Yes, those are the Xt-150 connector holders. Not only do they tidy things up but I was able to cut a few more inches off of my wiring. Here’s how the other side looks:

I’m not bundling my batteries at all. They need to be charged separately so I wanted to keep them separate. Also, this leaves a gap between the batteries and the backplate as well as between each other for cooling.


Very elegant! I like it.

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Can you share STL files of those XT150 connector holders?

These spacers very sturdy - your design?

Yes, they are just in compression. I found that when I folded up my motor that the harness was leveraging on the carbon. They allow my straps to connect like this:

On the harness side the straps go only through the top hole allowing it to hinge when folding it up. It also holds the top of the harness higher while flying.

Here is a section view:

Ok - Not sure why you do your straps that way and not utilize the spacer/support since the holes are there.

I just explained why… it creates a hinge. And the standoff is in the way so I made that spacer. The picture of the straps is before I made the spacer. You’ll see why when you go to fold yours up the first time.