Question for owners: How many of you use ePPG as your "primary"?

Having recently “completed” training, I am considering purchase of my first unit. Since I am here, it is obvious that ePPG / OpenPPG are in consideration. I am wondering how many owners of OpenPPG use it as their sole or primary unit versus how many owners also own an ICE unit which they might use more often.

  • I only own an ePPG
  • I only own an ICE PPG
  • I own both and use them evenly
  • I own both and use the ePPG more
  • I own both and use the ICE PPG more
  • I own neither and am just here for conversation :slight_smile:

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Depending on survey size this will probably just be anecdotal :smiley: if you take the time to respond to poll I would appreciate any clarification you deem relevant within thread, e.g. your specific use cases for either unit.

I REALLY want to go with ePPG. Many of my flights are over an hour in duration, and I tend to prefer cross country flying. I don’t currently have room for multiple machines. ePPG has been on my radar for a while, but I’m not sure I’ll be ready to replace my ICE until another good boost in battery energy density. If the SP140 could cruise for 2 hours, I’d order it today!

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The X4 is my first and only paramotor. I did train on the instructor’s equipment- blackhawk 125

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I have a AC Nitro 200 right now, but eyeing the SP140 for multiple reasons; mostly the hassle free plug-n-go, as well as supporting the whole electrification movement. I’m not sure if I would sell the Nitro if i bought the SP140 tho. I’m thinking; I could have a backup and something for longer flights if necessary.
SP140 is pretty good fit for me I think. I like to fly in smooth air, which pretty much limits my flights to sunrise/sunset and I am not at all a morning person. So an hr before sunset a day or 2 a week, is pretty typical. Sometimes I go for half hr even, esp during the winter, if I arrive late (earlier sunset) and take forever to set up (im slow, shhhh don’t judge me XD).
Compared to the Nitro, the only thing that concerns me is the weight. I usually fill up less than half a tank to fly about an hour, so weight is <65lbs (full tank), probably like 50lb maybe. SP140 with 1 hr flight time is 77lbs. Oooof! However half hr is 55lbs, which is way better.
Sigh batteries, batteries, batteries… still got a looooong ways to go.
Anyways, that’s my 2 cents


Air conception makes some crazy light paramotors, so the 4kw sp140 would be a big change. The sp140 does put the weight a lot closer and higher up on your back than any gas PPG. I would imagine this makes the sp140 feel closer to a 70ish pound paramotor.

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