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Hey all, new to group. I’m looking for pointers to a good motor manufacturer. In the early stages of an EPPG project and need something around 6-8kw 24V outrunner. Advice appreciated, Thank you

Hacker, rotex, t-motor, MAD, and geiger make good motors

Unless you are super light weight you will hardly be able to take off from a flat surface with that level of power. If you take off with your paraglider from a hill it should be enough to maintain altitude or raise slowly (based on my experience it will be less than 1 m/s).

Also there is no flyable E-PPG that I am aware of that works with 24 Volt. All of them run on higher voltages. 60 Volt is the lowest voltage system I am aware of. @bratwurst can tell you more as I think his custom one off setup runs in that range.

at commercial eppg
Battery systems with 14 S and 15 S are common. This is due to the fact that in most europe countries higher voltages are not allowed for ultralight aviation.
with many diy eppg it is the same as with commercial ones.

there are also occasional systems with 12 or 13 S (e-walk protototype) from the early days of the eppg area. as well as 18 S as prototype such as yuneec.

there are also 20 S or 22 S eppg in the usa . I don’t deal with that because it is forbidden here.

bob has already given you the list of motor manufacturers.

If you really need, a low voltage E-ppg is possible. Peter Stripol’s electric paramotor flew off only 14.8 volts nominal. On the other hand, he was pulling upwards of an insane 1250 amps. Additionally larger motors need a high voltage, so you would be limited to using dozens of small motors. In turn efficiency, flight time, noise levels, and build cost would really suffer, but its doable.

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I wouldn’t know a motor-maker making 8 kilowatt 24 volt outrunners, especially not knowing desired RPMs.

But I noticed the usual suspects, MAD, T-Motor, MGM, etc. have been called out. I’m somewhat curious about these other outfits I see - specifically KDE and Jeti. KDE’s motors, especially their big 100-130kV, look very interesting - as does their custom prop setup with the 2-3-6 blade hubs that can flip from push to pull. Very interesting stuff there, but haven’t seen any feedback from those gadgets applied out in the wild and am curious.

8 kilowatt @ 24 volt will be 333 Amp - which is a lot. Controllers are usually limited by amperage and the wiring you’ll need will be large.

Also 8 kilowatt is also only like 11 horsepower. The Top80, which is on the low-end of PPG power, is 11 kilowatt or about 15 horsepower.

------- On the other hand, he was pulling upwards of an insane 1250 amps ------

That sounds amazing, but Peters vid I saw needs some explaining.
Peter created a ParaMotor with 50 drone motors, with associated props.
They were controlled individually by separate controllers which where fed by
a battery feeding x number of controllers. He had a lot of batteries but they were not connected together.
His creation did allow him to fly but Tyler Gott is a bit bigger/heavier and his attempt to get off the ground was not as glamourous.

Here he is with his infamous vid

I hope its ok to post links here, its more education than anything else.

i dont think Peter mentions the amps run on each battery, it could very well had totaled over 1000 amps, just not fed from one set of battery.
Peter is very active in flying models and has created his own flying machines so even though some of his creations may look and sound crazy, there is thought behind it.

Fly safe.