Preflight check

If you have batch 2 or earlier, check the set screws on your prop extensions when you pre-flight. I had all four sets loose on one extension and it was causing a vibration in the motor. It might be a good idea to loctite them or order the new extensions.


Ya that one of the main reasons why we upgraded them to the solid one piece standoffs, those small set screws are easy to strip.

Hi Simloop. Can you pls specify to which screws you refer? I’ve just started batch 4 build & wondering where to use loctite. Thanks

Batch 2 had a 2 piece prop hub with set screws. Batch 4 has a one piece prop hub so you’re fine.

Great thanks for that glider pilot. Does anyone have suggestions for when to use loctite on the build? Is it advisable on EVERY bolt or that being over cautious?

Think about it this way: If a screw or nut comes loose, is it going to cause a high-speed blade of death to come spinning at your neck, or is it possible that it could cause an electrical short and a fire? If so, threadlocker, a self-locking nut, or safety wire is probably worth the extra effort. On things that fly with me in/on them, I basically threadlock everything if I can’t put a self-locking nut or safety wire on it. It’s tedious, but so is having a prop sticking out of your neck.

Edit: fun fact about Loctite 242 (“normal” blue medium-strength threadlocker): it is very intolerant to contamination with oil. Basically, it won’t actually bond to the metal and secure the fastener. Loctite 243 is less common, but is “It is proven to be tolerant of minor contamination due to industrial oils, e.g. motor oils, corrosion prevention oils and cutting fluid.” Sometimes bolts/screws/metal hardware have a thin coat of corrosion prevention oil so they don’t get rusty sitting around in a box. It’s definitely worth your while to order a bottle of Loctite 243 instead of getting a bottle of 242 or some other generic medium-strength threadlocker from the hardware store. On Amazon, it’s actually cheaper than 242.

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Thanks mr.jadkowski. I’ve actually ordered loctite 271 which is the one Paul uses in his build video.

I used blue locktite on all the screws. The only downside is if you do any modifications and need to remove the screws. I ended up modifiying

Thanks for that simloop. would you need to drill out the screw?

No, it’s a little tight getting it off then you have to clean up the screw.

You’ll probably have to use some heat to loosen up the 271 threadlocker if you want to disassemble.