Ppg meeting in bavaria

At the weekend there was a meeting in Bavaria, Germany for paramotors. I’m pleased that we can now see other EPPGs in addition to my own. I think there will be a few more at the next meeting in 2 years.

Acceptance is now greater in a positive sense with petrol PPG colleagues and there were nice conversations.

So after my last long flight in 2019 with 117 minutes, I have decided to set a new time record again in October 2024 at this airfield with new batteries and a modern wing.

My goal is at least 100 minutes with foot start EPPG. We’ll see :slight_smile:
You can see which wing I will use in the pictures.


117 minutes with original openppg battery?

I have been flying EPPG with my own DIY systems since 2011.

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Hi, are you using your own DIY liion battery cells?

yes, I use Sony VTC 5, VTC 6, Molicell, Samsung 40 T. They all work perfectly and some are over 8 years old and I still fly with them. Only one pack of LG cells is already tired from 2016 and can only be used in the e-foil. Now I am building a new modular pack for the record flight from 21700 cells with around 5500 mAh per cell. The price of a cell like this is around 2.4 euros. I can’t say what it’s called because it comes from an e-car project that has been terminated.

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Nice, Im planning to make my own big liion pack for my homemade eppg but only have diy experience with small liion packs for fpv drones eheheh :smiley:

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