PPG in Australia

Hi Guys,

Am new to PPG and decided I would love to get all my gear and then go and learn with a local school. Would love to hear from other Aussies who have purchased openPPG gear.

What are the costs importing to Australia?

Hey Paul,
I’m in Perth WA. I ordered my Open PPG when batch 4 was released and I’m informed it’s being shipped already constructed in a week or so.
Did my training with Dave at High Adventure in Port Macquarie last July. Definitely recommend them if you need training. Where are you based?

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Hi Trevor,

I am near Wollongong on the south coast of NSW.

After seeing so many accidents lately of very skilled pilots of paramotors I am having second thoughts about persuing it any further.

Skilled pilots or famous pilots?

Regardless, it does make it scary… most of the accidents I’ve heard about lately were caused by people pushing the limits of their abilities. I tend to fly more conservative but there is still an element of danger regardless.


Hi Trevor,
I’m based in Adelaide, also interested in open PPG.
How did you get on with yours?
Would be great to hear of any help you could pass on from your experience.


any ePPG developments in Australia at the moment?

I am a drone manufacturer and have all the capabilities (CNC) to build a ePPG here.

Just looking for a bit of guidance as the best one to start. I see there are some drawings online, not of the sp140 though I can’t find them…?

Also if anyone’s started this project, I’d be happy to collaborate.

CAD/CAM can take a lot of time, as I have quickly realised.

Hi Josh. Where are you based? Not in Perth by any chance?

Im in Adelaide :slight_smile: