Power issues in X4

Morning all you smart people!!

I have a new/old problem that has reared it’s ugly head. I’m having power surges/shut downs.

The amp draw would go from 320 to 250 to 320 to 250. Then it will shut down and only a hard reset would reset the system.

I’ve checked the cable between the controller and the hub, all seems to be good. I’ve reset the throttle range, that worked last time. Not this time.

Somedays I have no problems at all, all seems well. Then the next day I can’t get off the ground at all.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



Found the issue. The connector in the controller that connects to the screen popped off the board. I had an issue with one of the pins before but this time it looks like it was bouncing in flight. I tried to solder the pins back on but was unsuccessful. Removed the connector and trimmed so that there was no shorts and the system is working beautifully again (although without the screen).

I’ll get a new board from Paul, but till then I’ll fly with a stopwatch and some battery monitors.

Thanks everyone.