Portability/Size of the PPG

Hi Everyone ,

I considering buy the ppg but my only concern is the Portability.

Can you please advise if this PPG is easy to transfer over via airlines?
How much space do they need? Can we put all in on luggage weight 30kg (including batteries)?
I had a Maverick and found it almost impossible to travel around with it via airlines . I Living in UK and planning to explore Europe with this PPG.


The batteries are almost impossible to transport via plane

Just make it like all the competition pilots with their gasoline ppg. you fly yourself with the airplane. the ppg lets you ship with ups, dhl or what is cheapest to your holiday address. calculate the runtime with packet service. You have the advantage that you can insure everything against loss and theft. that is not so possible in the plane. This transport solution has long been proven and works. At the time, I had a competitor transport his batteries and e-ppg to Austria. it is important to attach the eu safety mark to the battery at the packet. You can search and print this on the internet. certainly the transport will cost 150 to 200 euros. But if you have money and time for vacation is not a problem. It’s a luxury event, not an everyday event. 99.9% pilots always travel with ppg by car or caravan. In Europe, flying with 4 motors is prohibited in most countries. Please note this in your planning.

Wait, what ? I am not aware but because of drones… I have to check… I build one!

no problem, pilots know the laws :wink: for everyone else it is unimportant what the aviation law says.

That’s right. France for example does not allow multi propellor PPG.