Poor Fitting Spars

Tried as best I can but cannot get the spars to fit snug against the frame and hoop. at least a centimeter gap on all four lower spars compared to the two uppers, tried swapping them around but not successful.
Any ideas to make these fit better ?

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Is this a matter where a bit of some lubricant (silicone, perhaps) might be helpful?

I believe the sides are all short by design, I just center the tubes as best as possible.

Thanks Guys, they snug up a bit with the netting being tightened, but still gaps all round would be good to have them fit snug against the frame and hoop.
Has anyone tried replacing them with longer spars ?

Don’t worry about it - that’s normal to see the aluminum showing either at the top or the bottom. Tighten the net well and it will hold all in place. Bang it the hoop with the palm of your hand once or twice without going crazy, then tighten the net or tighten the net first and hit the hoops next. Either way it will do the job. Relax the net all the way before inserting the battery or it will catch the two upper corners of the container. Then, tighten the net to hold the hoop in place. Relax the net again when removing the battery. And with use of your machine over time, all will loosen and be easier to install.
More important is to keep an eye for any play at the connection of the side bars to the frame. The washers will compress a bit. Using blue Loctite will help. The connections should snug - not to tight so to impede smooth rotation at the joints. Checking for any lateral play should be part of each pre-flight check.

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If the aluminium bars are just slightly bent the spars will not go in. They are very soft so you can try to bend them straight again. After that the spars will go in, no prob. You really want to have the spars inserted all the way in, or as much as posible otherwise the stress on the aluminium fittings during forward launch will be higher(du to longer leverage) wich will result in even more bending.

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Thanks for the advise and guidance, blue skies to you.

What allex said is what I did too and it fixed that same problem.