Pg / ppg tee-shirts

I had designed a bunch of T-shirts a few years ago and parked them on the internet on an automated site where everything is handles there. If interested you can go there and take a look at the series
I actually designed one with an OpenPPG flare but have not uploaded it yet.
I made small reference to electric PPG of the future in my latest video after giving a towing seminar to two future tow operators. Only a few words without images was enough as a hint😁

Btw we’re looking for great t-shirt designs to adopt for OpenPPG. If anyone send us ones we end up selling we’ll be sure to hook you up

Hi Phil,

You have some interesting designs. Myself and my 3 boys all fly paramotors, and are interested in creating a family paramotoring logo. Would you mind sharing which tools you recommend for creating a custom design?

Thanks and happy flying.


Hey Brent, I use different programs. Mainly two from Affinity
I use Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I developed my technique and bounce back and forth between the two programs among others to get what I want.
Affinity in my view is as good as Photoshop and cost a fraction of the price. I switched about three years ago. The learning curve is not too steep and there is a lot of support online with tutorials and such. I believe the company is from the UK.
I work on an iMac 27" screen.
Designer is best for graphics. I use Photo for illustrations.

Done with Affinity Photo

Done with Affinity Designer

Done with both Designer and Photo for a client

I hope that helped.