Paul B & Braedin B (GliderPilot & Glydrfreak) Flights & Build Modifications

To clarify, I was referring to post 128 about the rubber grommets used for prop blade protection. I can locate 35 mm and 40 mm, but no 32 mm as shown in your link to Amazon.

Sorry, it looks like those are unavailable now. I had a hard time finding the size I wanted.

Ok, Paul, thanks for that information. I’ll keep looking.


32mm is 1.25 inch.
Look up
McMaster Carr
Grommet 1.25in.
They sell them by the bag.


Thanks, John! That’s very helpful, I wasn’t having any luck searching for that size.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted flying videos. I only fly with 6 batteries now and have a new wing which is slightly bigger to handle the weight better. I traded in my medium Tequila 4 and bought a large Tequila 5. Here are some short clips:


Landing sooo smoothe

Caution! These carbon plates certainly do conduct electricity!

The other day I hooked up a couple batteries on my bottom rails to test a telemetry monitor that my son and I are working on. Later I folded the legs with the batteries connected which sheared into the wires and created a sparkler show inside my house!

As a fix to the problem (and a fix to the damaged carbon) I cut away the damaged carbon which gives clearance for the connectors. Now if the legs were to fold back during a crash landing the wires won’t get sheered.

In the meantime I think I will redesign that connector mount too.


Compromise any of the batteries?

Luckily I stopped it soon enough. It melted the heat shrink pretty good! Glad it didn’t ignite the packs! I don’t think it created enough amp draw to hurt the inside of the batteries. They run fine and charge fine. I’ve run them through a couple dozen cycles since this happened.

Did you put that 4mm bolt through both panels using a long bolt or 1 panel with a short bolt? I love this design. Printing the rails now.

The bolts at the bottom of the rails goes through one panel with a nut on the other side. It has to hold the weight of all 4 batteries so I just didn’t want to rely on the plastic for that.

Thanks for the info. I bought all the hardware and tools for this now :slight_smile: My petg prints are failing to stick to my glass plate with hairspray which is the setup i use for pla :frowning: im using 240 c with 80c bed though. I need to check my flow rate and maybe try a clean glass bed. Whats your setup for petg?

I’m just printing on a raft and everything’s printing well now.
Out of curiosity what length was the 1/8th" rivets you used?

Glad you got the prints working. I used a brim since the contact surface is so small. They need to be printed standing on end so you aren’t relying on layer adhesion for strength. Rivets are 3/16 to 1/4” grip.

@The_Wizard, i currently machining the latches and hinges. I had alredy the locks when i realized there is a more simple design… Also you mentioned that you redesigned the hinges too… Did you share it somewhere ? I did not find… I’d like to see them if it’s possible…

@The_Wizard hasn’t posted anything in well over a year. I wonder if he ever finished this project. It will be fun to see your complete build from scratch though.

Haven’t posted any flying videos for a while. Getting pretty cold now here in Utah but the air has been really smooth and the sunsets gorgeous! Here is Braedin and I flying today:


I’ve had these for a while but just now getting around to posting about them. I bought a 19’ telescoping windsock pole and put 12’ of streamers on it:

19-ft. Flexible Pole

I designed and 3D printed a bungee cord quick lock for attaching the pole to a fence:

I copied this idea from @les and bought this bow bag on Amazon to hold the hoop and wind streamer pole. It’s a perfect fit:

.30-06 46" Promo Bow Case Black


Father and son air to air footage of OpenPPG at sunset! Video by Braedin @glydrfreak: