Paul B & Braedin B (GliderPilot & Glydrfreak) Flights & Build Modifications


Aha I just realised your 3d Printed pre-charge addon is retrofitted to the main ON /Off Switch hence my mistaking it for a Toggle action … the penny just dropped ( I did mention ol grey matter LOL with emphasis on the Old ) I must say nice lateral thinking and as you pointed out 2 action in one…JOB Done … even more impressed now :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! I have access to a 3D printer and would love to make the same thing for my switch.


I added the files to the post and updated the pictures so you can see how the wires route and where the spring goes. I ended up using 18 awg stranded wire and soldered the ends before feeding it through the holes where the contact is made. The files are designed for 0.2mm layer height and some of the holes are partially closed to make a bridge rather than an overhang so it doesn’t try to print in mid air.


Great job and thank you for sharing.
Cheers, Patrick