Palm Bay Fly-in

I’ll be at the Palm Bay Fly-in on Saturday with my OpenPPG.

I am heading down to Palm Bay Fri. I just got my 3.5 on Wed. It was pre built. I spent today Hang testing / setting up harness. I ordered 4 Bonkas 21 days ago and they have not come in so it looks like I will not be flying OpenPPG. Bringing my Nirvana Instincts 160 and 230 Trike. My 230 Trike is for sale. Wife says no way on 3 motors :frowning_face: Hope to see you there

How much are you selling the trike for? Does the openppg fit straight onto it? Do you have any specs?

As of Feb 25 185 registrations – more by now obviously – going to be busy skies down there!!!
Going to put this one on the radar for next yr.
Wishing you good weather and safe flying.

I should have planned this better, I’ll be in Tampa on Sunday :confused:
Putting it on my calendar for next year. I’m sure it will be lots of fun! If the 230 sells separate I will consider selling trike or I my keep as it mates to my 160 just as well. as for using this trike to mate an OpenPPG. IDK I will try to take some pic when I can

One feature I like

Lots of Pilots at the fly-in. Here’s a couple pics and a video of Jeff Goin flying with the new throttle.


That worked out good, Rob. I talked to Jeff around 10:00 am today and he showed me his Miniplane Top 80 with a seized piston from his previous flight. That won’t happen with an Openppg rig!


Not sure who it was, but someone else had an OpenPPG at this fly-in and had an incident. I tried to find them after it happened but not luck. From what I’m told, his netting got into a prop which tore a motor off the mount, damaged another prop and did damage to the cage. From the pics I saw they had a six battery setup…maybe Dario.