Other uses for SP140 battery. Boat? Inverter to 120V?

Does anybody use the big 96V battery for other things than EPPG? Got photos?

I often use my ebike batteries when camping or during power outages, mostly converting to 12V, but also to run a 40V leafblower or 19V movie projector.

Next on my list is a boat motor, that is if I don’t die trying to run the SP140 propeller on a paddleboard first (I just got it and haven’t flown it yet!).

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The battery works great for working out your arms and doing curls while you’re waiting for the wind to calm down :muscle: :smiley:


The battery makes a pretty good packing weight for packing my BASE rig if there is nothing around to tie my container to.


I’ve used mine to power my whole bus for through the 100V capable solar MPPT controller. Microwave, space heater, and all the lights!
Though that was more an experiment to see if it would be a suitable backup to having to run the generator in case of a long time without solar exposure to my panels.

That said, please try not to buy an SP140 battery for stuff other than paramotors. A lot of us ( me included ) are having to wait for to buy an extra battery because they are limited. Others are waiting for an SP140 delivery, so if you buy a battery for your boat trolling motor then that means someone else can’t go flying using that battery…


@jsneeb do you have a link to the inverter? I couldn’t find much stuff capable of 100V…
And of course I’m talking about using the battery that one has already laying around. If ordering a new one for random shanenigans I would definitely go for 48V ebike battery (or tesla, etc), more options, inverters, etc.

OTOH it would be interesting to outsource the SP140 battery assembly to some specialized ebike battery shops like https://litespeedbike.com/ that I keep seeing recommended all over ebike forums.

I like that idea, I wonder what their price would come in at and how soon they could assemble the packs.

The inverter I use is similar to this one.

See I mentioned that I used the battery to power my devices through the MPPT solar controler. Stepping the voltage down from 100V to 24V for the inverter to use.

It is possible to create a 100V input inverter, though I have not seen them for sale. In fact if you added more cells to create a 45S pack with ~~ 170V output, you could create a very compact pure sine wave inverter with superior efficiency to just about anything on the market currently. About the size of a typical laptop power supply, capable of 1500W or more. With a high efficiency, cooling requirement would be less and the whole unit can be much smaller than existing inverters.