Other arms for SP140 frame

Hi, what do you think would be other options for gooseneck arms from Europe? I like the Iris ones but price, shipping from US, VAT and other import taxes together with the fact that they are overweight and overkill for a light pilot makes me look elsewhere for now. So I’ve found this one from Simplify:
-Aluminum arms set hook-in: “medium high”. Couple of questions about these:

  1. Is medium high good for the sp140 frame?
  2. Do they have a big enough mounting plate where the mounting bolt goes through?
  3. Do they have enough adjusting holes?
    Anyone using them? What do you think? Other brands you know of?
    Thank you!

Miniplane, Fresh Breeze ( sportix) and many others have " Schubstangen "

Big heavy alu cnc milled models only need an extreme acropilot. for all other 99% of pilots, conventional push rods made of tubes are perfectly adequate. Of course, shiny aluminum parts are great for enhancing the look of ppgs.

the ones from simplify are also all cases a good product which, as far as i know, is made in hungary from high-quality aluminium.

go well with the dudek powerseat comfort and powerseat light.