OSN nanophosphate lithium iron prismatic pouch cell AMP20MIHD-A A123 2

Hello my name is Ivo and I’m from Switzerland. I have ordered an OpenPPG X4 22 [V4] and am now looking for a battery. is it ok for v4 s17 package 17x3.65v = 62.5 volt. Re: OSN nanophosphate lithium iron prismatic pouch cell AMP20MIHD-A A123 20ah battery.

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Batch 4 is designed to use 14S. It will have the same ESCs as previous batches which have a range of 6S to 14S. The motor KV was selected specifically to use 14S.

Hi, I checked some specs and found that the energy density is only 131 Wh/kg. Why do you want to go with these cells?

Prismatic Cell Specifications:

  • Cell Dimensions (mm): 7.25 x 160 x 227
  • Cell Weight (g): 496
  • Cell Capacity (minimum, Ah): 19.5
  • Energy Content (nominal, Wh): 65
  • Discharge Power (nominal, W): 1200
  • Voltage (nominal, V): 3.3
  • Power (nominal, W/kg): 2400
  • Energy (nominal, Wh/kg): 131
  • Energy Density (nominal, Wh/L): 247
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to 55°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to 60°C
  • UNDOT 38.3 Certified (certificate available upon request)

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https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bexKAmYu. this cell has 20c 400a is not that enough ??

Keep in mind that the max supported voltage is 60v for most pieces in the system. Anything above that will start to fry components.

So the cell has charge termination voltage of 3.65V x 16 gives 58.4V and 20C (400A). 16s2p has dan 40a capacity and 800a duration load. Is my calculation correct? thank you for your help

sorry if something is misspelled … i use google translate :grin: