Oshkosh 2021 - Whos going?

Finally got schedule worked out. I’ll be at Oshkosh this year!
I’m planning on being around 25-28th and would love to say hi to other PPG people.

Who else will be at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh with me?


I will be there, Rob Cato another X-4 owner will be there as well. Rob will have his PPG simulator at the Red Barn. John


Are you guys going to have the SP140 there? I was surprised at how many PPG vendors and schools were there in 2019 and I’m hoping to see even more this year.

Hey and welcome!
I am just flying there for a few days to scope it out so wont be able to bring an SP140 unit with me. Not sure who else there will have a unit.
Its actually going to be my first year but maybe OpenPPG can have a booth next year!

No electric PPGs but still fun to watch them takeoff last night

I have a friend there this year. He said the team had trouble taking off on one flight because of a cross wind and even had one face plant. Is that right…can’t imagine those guys not being able to handle that!

Yeah it wasn’t a great demonstration of PPGs being easy to take off for the large crowd…

Also lots of advertising for electric PPGs eg. Failing to pull start motors after 8 tries, motor dieing on takeoff etc


the ultralight field is where it’s at… ppg’s, rc’s, more of what EAA started as… experimental!
but wed/sat night shows and pyrotechnics are pretty cool too :slight_smile:

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