OpenPPG X4 V4 Water Damage - Ideal for Parts

Dear aviation enthusiasts,

I am offering my OpenPPG X4 V4, including Dudek Power Seat Comfort harness, extra propellers, and 4 Bonka 7s lipobatteries. Unfortunately, the device has been in a flooded storage space for several days, resulting in water damage. The H825AC DUO charger is undamaged and in good condition.
I have not yet tried this device after it suffered the water damage as I do not wish to charge the lipos.

This offer is ideal for those looking for spare parts or are adept at repairs.

  • OpenPPG X4 V4 with Dudek Power Seat Comfort
  • Dudek Power Seat Comfort
  • 4 Bonka 7s lipobatteries
  • H825AC DUO charger without water damage

located in the beautiful Portugal

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Hallo siems,
I’m from Italy and I’m interested. Can you share to us some photos? Can you ship? If you prefer, write me on Whatsapp at: 331 733 0915.

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