OpenPPG V4 22 Batch 4 for Sale

OpenPPG Electric Paramotor for Sale

I have a “like new” lightly used OpenPPG electric paramotor for sale with all shown here. I have flown a half dozen times. My friend (Paul B/Glider Pilot) who also owns an OpenPPG (as this audience knows) has added a few flights to this machine as well. Paul put the machine kit together and added his mods listed below and found on the OpenPPG Community Forum. Biggest excuse for selling: Combo of limited time, priorities, and chasing down safe launches with good flying conditions. Need to mentions: part of the plastic arm/disarm button snapped off on the controller. Works fine as is. Also, I have replaced props due to go pro drop and another UFO in prop. Replaced two motor mounts. Machine is in great condition and ready to fly. Asking $5,000.

Included with sale are (and price paid):

-OpenPPG V4 22 (Batch 4) Electric Paramotor Kit ($3,199)
-Paramotor Build ($400) “Pro Build” by Glider Pilot/OpenPPG Community Forum)
-Dudek Paramotor Harness Power Seat Comfort Low (L/XL) ($465)
-2 Gate Locking Biners ($30)
-6 Bonka 22000mA 7S Lipo Batteries ($1,500)
-2 H825AC Duo Chargers ($478) Can quickly charge 3 batteries at a time. One line is hit or miss with being able to charge a fourth due to digital screen glitch.
-Hoop and Netting Carrying Case. Can also carry telescopic wind sock pole and sock.
-Battery Bag, can fit all 6.
-6 Ammo Cans/Battery Storage

Additional Pro Mods (by GliderPilot/OpenPPG Open Source Community Forum)
-Surface Mount Pluts/Battery Connector for 6 Batteries
-Pre-Charge Knob
-Extra Capacity ESC’s (Additional circuit/wire protection)
-Arm Quick Latch and Hinge Stops
-Battery Rails

Additional Photos

I am very interested to buy this! How can I contact you?

Yes it is available. I just messaged you my email.

Is this still available? Thanks

Yes it is. “post most be at least 15 characters” done

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It has been sold