OpenPPG V3.5 for Sale

It is with some regret that I have decided to sell my OpenPPG. At age 62 and having been flying PPG for 5 years Nirvana 160 and 230 I have decided to finish a progression to only flying Trike. This comes with having a couple of bad no wind launches. Nothing broken but I’ve picked up a pretty good limp ( just don’t bounce back like I used to). This unit has 20- 15 to 20 min flights. So if anyone wants to get going and not wait for a 4.0 here’s your chance. Also I can sell 4 Bonka’s and charger with unit or separate. Yes these can be upgraded. Unit is located in NE Florida PM me if interested and we can talk price.


This is another reason for OpenPPG design to be updated to allow for addition of a trike. there should be no reason for you to sell your motor but rather just purchase a trike. A trike will allow for more bats/longer flights. an 8 bat setup would be ideal!

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Hi Mark, is it still available? I’m in Sarasota. Where are you at?

Yes this unit is for sale. Message me for more details


I’m very interested if it’s still for sale

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I’m interested. Any damage history and do you have pictures?