OpenPPG Sp140 weight

I was curious on the weight of the 4kw sp140. The OpenPPG website now puts the flying weight as 73 lbs, but I saw that someone who weighed theirs at 79 lbs on a bathroom scale. Has anyone else weighed theirs?

That was me…I would say my 79 is + - 2 lbs…it wasn’t scientific :slight_smile:

The weight you measured is 6 lbs off from the updated weight that OpenPPG gives us. That’s far enough off that I would like to have at least one more person weigh their unit to help us figure out what the weight really is.

Here are the exact weights:

Frame: (with power system ready to fly, motor, esc, bi-prop, goose neck bars ,controller, basically everything but the harness and battery) 24.2 lbs

Harness weights: (depending on what is chosen)

  • Apco L/XL (only size i have in stock) 3.5lbs

  • Dudek comfort Harness S/M-6lbs,13oz / L/XL- 7lbs,1oz

Battery weights

  • 2.2kwh- 27lbs 10oz / 4kwh- 45lbs, 3oz

The old 4kWh pack weight is 38 lbs. However with the new case design and internals getting beefed up with fiberglass sheets the weight is a bit more than before but it should be very robust pack.

So for total weights ready to fly

Lightest flying configuration - 55.3lbs
Heaviest flying configuration (with tri-prop) - 77.2lbs

So weight depends on the exact setup, but most people are using the Dudek comfort harness for reference.


Sweet and thank you, that is what I have been looking for.

Sounds like we should centralize this info in a new guide page for the sp140. I’ll add it to my to-do list

That would be great information to put on the website. One of my biggest concerns with people pre-ordering the sp140 is that we had no idea what the final weight would be and I knew it would be a bit heavier due to the change in cells.

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SP140 page is now updated on the site :+1:

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