OpenPPG prop Quick release

Anyone using the OpenPPG prop quickrelease yet? If so, how do you like it? Are they shipping them yet from the OpenPPG store? Needing one because I have to take prop off to fit my SP140 in and out of my Airstream trailer

Yes I use it. It’s great.

@Bartlett41 , you’re using the OpenPPG quick release.? When did you order and receive it? The store is showing backordered.

I just happen to of checked the site right when they added it and placed an order right away. It was a mistake that it was available to order but Paul was nice enough to send me the only one the company had. I thought he mentioned they would start being available in December sometime though. Are they not available currently?? I think this OpenPPG quick release is priced better than the iris one. I’m curious to what price the new iris quick release will be. I like the design of the V2 better that the V1 but if they can’t compete in price with OpenPPG I wouldn’t see the benefit in going with iris.

The IRis quick release adds to width of Ppg due to part of it staying attached to hub or motor. My sp140 barely makes it in my door opening without prop. I don’t want to test and find out it won’t fit with Iris QR. it is nice though.

Ok, so we’ve got quick relase that holds the force with only one screw that need to withstand the forces vs standard that uses 6 screws. I do not really trust this especially the one from Iris? The open ppg one looks more robust as it uses the big center thread.
What I am mostly worried about is that after a while, you will wear out those six threads on the motor after all the screwing in and out.

If you do somehow wear out the motor threads you have a back up of just using the stock 6 bolt option or at that point switching to the iris QR… I was worried about the same thing but with the 6 stock threads as I was taking my prop on and off for each flight. So I got the QR from OpenPPG. After using it for over a month now, I would recommend this product 100%.

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So you don’t see the QR trusty? Why?

Bad English. I think he has confidence in it, not everything but confidence in it!

Fixed. Thank you for the heads up.

I ordered one. Hopefully they’ve got some soon to ship.

Any news when they’ll become available?

does anyone know if the quick release fits both the 3 blade and the 2 blade prop?

Yes it fits both.

I’m liking it . Neither the 2 or 3 blade prop has fallen off yet while using it.

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